UNLOCKING NEW HORIZONS: Arusha to host International Tourism B2B Summit 2024

A 100 influential travel agents, each a gatekeeper to wanderlust, will gather under one roof.

MONDAY April 1, 2024

Ms Alice Manupa, the CEO of African Queen Adventures, which co-hosts the historic summit, says “it is more than an event—it is a commitment to the vision of the President, Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan, of revitalising Tanzanian tourism”. PHOTO | FILE

By Adam Ihucha

The Tranquility News Correspondent, Tanzania

As the sun-kissed plains of Arusha, Tanzania, prepare for welcoming the world, local tour operators are fine-tuning their tourism packages.

Why? Because the stakes are high—the top travel agents from across the globe are converging for the inaugural International Tourism Summit 2024.

From May 20 to 23, 2024, the exquisite Gran Melia Hotel in the heart of Arusha City will host this momentous event.

Picture it: 100 influential travel agents, each a gatekeeper to wanderlust, gathering under one roof.

This is why the buzz is palpable, and anticipation hangs in the air.

Mr Murtaza Kalender, the founder and CEO of TravelShop Turkey & vice president of the International Ecotourism Society, chose Africa, and Tanzania in particular, to host the summit for the country to open new horizons. PHOTO | TIES AWARDS

A Symphony of Opportunities

Organised by the local dynamic duo of African Queen Adventures and Rethinking Tourism Africa (RTA), this summit convened by the International Ecotourism Society, is not just another industry gathering, rather it is a symphony of business possibilities.

Hundreds of local tour operators are enrolling for the B2B exhibition, eager to forge connections with these seasoned professionals.

The Tanzanian Tapestry

Arusha, the Tanzania’s majestic safari capital, provides the perfect backdrop. Against this canvas, the convergence promises an immersive experience—one that will linger in memories. Local tour operators and hotels have secured their spaces, ready to showcase their services and products.

The top 100 global travel agents will witness Tanzania’s untamed wilderness, engage with local communities, and marvel at its breathtaking landscapes.

Mr Sirili Akko, the CEO of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators, says the summit signals the travel agents’ confidence in Tanzania—a premier destination for travel and adventure. PHOTO | FILE

A Visionary Partnership

Ms Alice Manupa, the CEO of African Queen Adventures, co-hosts this historic summit. For her, it is more than an event—it is a commitment to President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan’s vision of revitalising Tanzanian tourism.

“As travel agents explore our pristine landscapes, they’ll carry the essence of this extraordinary land with them,” Ms Manupa noted.

A Trailblasing Introduction

The African Queen Adventures’ esteemed business partner, Mr Murtaza Kalender, the Founder and CEO of TravelShop Turkey & Vice President of the International Ecotourism Society, deserves applause.

His decision to bring the summit to Africa—specifically Tanzania—opens new horizons.

“This is our chance to introduce a magnificent, undiscovered destination to tourism professionals worldwide,” Mr Murtaza explained.

Ms Kitzia Morales is among speakers of the summit. She has collaborated with several associations and has been part of the Advisory Board of the SITE Mexico Chapter, as president in the 2007-2008 period, and as a member of the Advisory Council on Tourism from 2006 to 2012. Kitzia has organised successful events in Mexico and abroad for prestigious international organisations. PHOTO | WORKSHOPTRAVELSHOP

Wilderness Unveiled

The International Tourism Summit Africa 2024 is not just about boardrooms and handshakes. The ITSA will orchestrate an extraordinary familiarisation (fam) trip.

“Imagine the top agents exploring our natural national parks, encountering diverse wildlife, and falling in love with Tanzania’s soul-stirring beauty,” Ms Manupa said.

A Monumental Occasion

Mr Sirili Akko, the CEO of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO), echoes their excitement.

“The arrival of the top 100 global travel agents is monumental. It signals their confidence in our nation—a premier destination for travel and adventure,” Mr Akko said.

Mr Jon Bruno, the founder, Chairman and Executive Director of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) since 2008 is one of the speakers of the summit. Jon has spoken to travelers and tourism professionals on six continents and has been interviewed and quoted in major publications on five continents. PHOTO | WORKSHOPTRAVELSHOP

Opening Doors

“As the B2B interactions unfold, local tour companies stand to gain. These doors swing wide open, bridging continents and creating lasting partnerships,” Ms Edna Foya, the RTA Director, said.

As it stands now, Arusha, with its sunsets and savannas, becomes more than a city—it is a gateway to dreamsΩ

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