Fresh tourism product offers expectant couples room to wed in savannah

'Wedding in the Wilderness’ is a rare creation with African touch

TUESDAY August 3, 2021

One of the Three Peaks Tanzania Safaris’ s open vans tourists use for their wedding ceremonies in the wilderness. PHOTOS | ADAM IHUCHA

By Adam Ihucha

Tranquility News Correspondent, Arusha, Tanzania

Three Peaks Tanzania Safaris has come up with a ‘Wedding in the Wilderness’ tourism product, adding on its conventional list of adventures, as it seeks to offer its clientele the truly unforgettable memories and to transfer tourists’ dollars into pockets of the poor folks.

Whereas the importance of innovation has long been underestimated in Tanzania’s tourism industry, trends and consumer preferences are compelling tour companies like the Three Peaks Tanzania Safaris to develop new products, in addition to mainstream wildlife, in a bid to create value for travelers and share the tourists’ dollars with the wider society.

The Managing Director of Three Peaks Tanzania Safaris, Mr Raphael Obure, says the whole idea is to embrace the concept of ‘inclusive tourism’ where players are supposed to be creative enough to harness the industry’s potential for generating wider socio-economic benefits.

A couple enjoys lunch in the wilderness prepared by the Three Peaks Tanzania Safaris.

“Innovating fresh tourism products like the ‘Wedding in the Wilderness’ is high on my company’s agenda, not only because the firm needs to successfully carry out profitable operations for it to stand out of the stiff competition, but also because I want it to share the fortune with the wider society,” he says.

Mr Obure, a young talented tour guide himself, says fresh innovated products were in his painstaking efforts to entice tourists to stay longer in the country.

The Three Peaks Tanzania Safaris rolled out the major honeymoon tourism product this year.The product targets tourists seeking to enjoy awe-inspiring landscape, wilderness and wildlife during their wedding ceremonies.

Tourists (Right and Left) happily pose for a picture with officials of the Three Peaks Tanzania Safaris at the end of a series of safaris and shortly before they flew back home.

“Although we’re a newly registered company; as a head guide, I have been providing guiding and trip planning services for more than five years. I worked with giant tour operators in Tanzania and I’ve guided hundreds of happy clients,” Mr Obure says.

The Wedding in the Wilderness offers new couples a rare opportunity for wedding in rare places to make their days special and memorable, coupled with African touches and blessings.

“I can’t divulge all the details of our fresh tourism product, but it’s going to be the next frontier. We’ve big plans to ensure our clients experience exclusive and lifetime services for their special days,” Mr Obure explains.

The Three Peaks Tanzania Safaris Managing Director, Mr Raphael Obure (Centre), poses for a souvenir picture as he sees off his tour guides ready for a safari recently.

Of late, Three e Peaks Tanzania Safaris has been rated as the most preferred DMC, thanks for its customised services, if the TripAdvisor review is anything to go by

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