Arusha puts up Bondeni Satellite City next month

The project will de-congest the Tanzania's tourist hub


Arusha Declaration Monument is one of the icons of Arusha City in northern Tanzania at the moment

January 28, 2018

By Adam Ihucha,

Tranquility News correspondent, Arusha

Arusha City Council in Tanzania and a local investor will embark on the construction of an ultra-modern satellite town aimed at providing residents with additional planned settlement areas.

Although this will be Arusha’s third satellite city project after the National Housing Corporation’s two blueprints for Usa River and Mateves sites, work on the Bondeni Saidatellite City is scheduled to begin next month.

Billed as the most ambitious, strategic and grand project in the city’s recent history, the Bondeni Satellite City will be built 15 kilometres south-west of Arusha Central Business District (CBD).

It will, among other things, cater for all sorts of residential facilities, ranging from residential apartments to affordable houses, duplex apartments, high end duplex villas, town houses, ambassadorial villas, at most 20 units of high-end villas sitting on a 0.5-acre plot each and cottages and studio apartments.

It will also accommodate commercial facilities, Arusha’s biggest shopping mall, office buildings, contemporary business centre, motor vehicle showrooms, car service bays and merchandise fabrication centres to support the communities within and neighbouring outsiders.

The satellite city is anticipated to raise the profile and change the entire outlook of the Tanzania’s safari capital whose 80 per cent of residential areas are currently unplanned.

Arusha City Council Director Athumani Kihamia addresses a past meeting. PHOTO | AGENCY

Arusha City Council Executive Director Athumani Kihamia told the visiting Parliamentary Committee on Land, Natural Resources and Tourism that the project is also meant for beautifying Arusha — the pearl of Tanzania’s tourism and diplomatic activities.

Apparently impressed by the elegant project to be executed through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, the Minister for Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Mr William Lukuvi, and the committee members commended the city authorities and the investor for the great idea and the groundwork well done so far.

“The Bondeni Satellite City will complement the government’s long-term plan to relieve the Arusha CBD of congestion, given the city houses headquarters of the East African Community,” Mr Kihamia explained.

The project, which will be equipped with all essential facilities, will be developed on a farm at Oljoro area situated 15 km from the Arusha CBD or 10km from the junction between the Arusha-Dodoma and Mbauda roads.

“The site covers about 1,100 acres with the main road going to Oljoro National Service farm separating it into two equal parts,” One of the Bondeni Satellite City directors, Mr Omar Idd Omar, who doubles as a prominent Arusha-based lawyer, said.

The first 6km of the Mbauda Road is tarmac and the remaining stretch is all-weather. The Tanzania Roads Agency’s plans to extend the tarmac beyond the farm are in progress and the proposed new Arusha ring road will also create access to the property.

An artist’s impression of the planned Bondeni Satellite City in Arusha, Tanzania.

Analysts say the site is one of the city’s most prime areas at the moment by virtue of its location, size and plateau landscape.

“The land is situated approximately 300 metres lower than the Arusha CBD in elevation, lending spectacular views of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day,” chipped in another Bondeni Satellite City Director, Mr Ricky Vohora.

The general topography of the site, he explained, is relatively flat with a gentle inclination on the western side and a homestead surrounded by mature trees protruding on its highest point.

The development of the proposed Bondeni Satellite City will also add value to surrounding areas of Majengo, Burka and the city centre. Evolving regional transport and environmental planning will also have an impact on the new satellite town.

Going by the concept blueprint, sustainable development principles such as social progress, ecological balance, economic growth, heritage and cultural conservation will  form a foundation for the Bondeni Satellite City development.

The vision for a sustainable future, understanding of current conditions and future needs are also incorporated in the master plan.

Indeed, the planners have undertaken a detailed integrated land use planning and respective zoning to provide direction for long-term sustainable development within the area.

The proposed development will definitely be capable of addressing high population growth challenges currently facing Arusha City.

It considers infrastructure and utilities requirements as well as social integration. It encourages and facilitates home ownership to different social groups and it provides economic opportunities, with the environment and best practice in mind.

While phase one of the project comprising 139 acres will be inaugurated next month, the remaining part will be floated to the market in June.

The city authorities have also committed themselves to put up roads, power, water and other infrastructure for prospective residents to live comfortably.

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